Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Bohemian Home..

I was asked by news.com.au to talk about The Bohemian Home last month and as I know not all of you get those newspapers I thought I would share my thoughts here too..

Bohemian does not have to mean hippy, messy or cheap which I think is what some people visualise when they see those words. Au contraire, Bohemian is more of an eclectic approach of mixing colours, using different contrasting textures and happily mixing the old with the new.

How do you add small accents to your home? 
It can be as simple as an ornate kantha drapped over the bottom of your simple white bed. 
A collection of mixed treasures from your travels creating a little vignette in your hallway is a Bohemian welcome or simply having a mix of old and new style chairs around a dining table creates a different vibe. 
If you already have a few cushions adding some more in contrasting colours or designs will also start you on your Bohemian journey.

So where do you find these products? 
Everywhere.. that is the beauty of Bohemian, there are not many rules but as the look has an eclectic vibe you will create an authentic style by shopping from handmade stores, collecting pieces whilst travelling abroad, going to markets or finding some older treasures in the charity shops

Do you like the look?
I love it. It doesn't suit my house and I think you need a decent space to create it well or it can seem cluttered but it is fun and full of personality and that appeals to me.

Is Bohemian home decor in fashion?
It certainly is and I don't think it ever goes out of fashion as it is not a phase. It has always been around just in different styles. I do think the more recent trends of colourful interior decor has meant more people are open to the idea now than previously as they brought a little more colour into their home and liked it.

What are some essentials for a Bohemian look? 
Bohemian tends to have a more rich colourful look to it and often has a more ornate finish so think emerald, turquoise, yellow, fushcia and blues with either embroidery or beading.
Handmade items definitely fit right in and layering up your pieces really creates the vision.
Age is also a huge part of the look or at least something looking like it has history even if it is new.
Lastly grouping items together but not in a uniform manner.. picture walls of all sorts of media. mix painting with prints and photos.. 

Top 10 musts for a Bohemian looking home.
Create Colourful Clusters
Candles are always around..
Beading or Embroidery Pieces will always pop up
Groups of Items can be put anywhere and everywhere
Mix and Match frames on a Gallery Wall create a fabulous 
Plants or Flowers in old bottles or vintage vases
Layer your pieces up
Collect some favourite handmade items
Start to mix old and new in close proximity
Bohemian is not minimalist, it is not all straight lines and it is your chance to express your self

What style of home do you have? Do you have a touch of Bohemian anywhere?

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Road Tripping..

This Christmas Season marked my first real holiday since DTLL launched in Nov 2011, I took my laptop and had to work morning and evening with a few interim emails if we hit wi fi during the day but for the most part I managed to have some real family time and it was total bliss. 

Our first part was a road trip from San Francisco to San Diego and thats what I am sharing today..

First hit was San Fran where we had just missed a huge rainstorm that grounded our original flight in from LA but luckily for us from that point on it was only drizzles mixed with sun.

First stop was the original diner Loris.. there are a few more of these around now but this was the original and it did not disappoint.. the coffee was average, the milkshakes were ridiculously amazing and the food portions were huge.

We spent a few days doing the rounds of the crooked street, riding the trams and just generally pottering and then we cycled over The Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito so we could return by ferry and see Alcatraz..

On our 3rd day we collected a car and started the road trip.. slow and steady with only 3 hrs or so each day was just perfect as it meant we could hang where we were if it was fab or head off early if boring and have more time in the next place..

Monterey Aquarium was the next stop, the Number 1 Aquarium in the world!!. It was pretty fantastic and the kids saw a few things they have never seen before. I would recommend it for sure.

As we headed out on the coast road it was late and that was a bit of a mistake as it was pretty windy roads and we got a total torrential downpour for well over an hour in pitch black. Marcus and I quietly poo'ed our pants whilst the kids watched DVD's.

Next stop was Pismo Beach where I had finally had enough sleep catch up and got to go running.. it was beautiful but not much happening so we headed on to Santa Barbara early the next day where we headed straight to Handlebar Coffee Roasters for a coffee as directed by Marcus's favourite Barristers in Sydney..

We yet again got in some awesome morning runs. Marcus kept coming back from his run saying 'Go hun, you will be so angry if you don't as it is just stunning' I was so tired as my body was catching up on 3 years of non stop work but I am glad I listened to him as it was just that.. stunning, fresh and so different to my track runs ..

The one thing I found really confronting across our travels of the US was the homeless. I would have thought I would have been ok with it having been a Londoner all my life and there being a lot of homeless there but it has been a long time and we just don't see it in the same way in Sydney. To see people carrying half a house behind them on a bike just breaks my heart..

The next part was of course the bit the kids had been hanging for and we headed to Universal in LA and then Disneyland where we stayed at the hotel.

We found it hard to eat healthily whilst we were in the theme parks but we carried loads of fruit, grabbed pretzels and water as we went around and then tried to either eat a massive breakfast or leave early enough to eat dinner at a Japanese or the likes..

Staying at the Disneyland Hotels is an great idea as it means you can do the 2 parks over 2 days and stay light for the light shows and fireworks one night with early entry granted the next day for hotel guests meaning you can get all the major rides done in no time.. we managed to do the Adventure Park by 3pm the second day and got to ride our favourite rides 2 or 3 times thanks to that early start hour. As an FYI we much preferred The Adventure Park over Disneyland Park.

We have one of my brother in laws and his family in San Diego so we headed to theirs for a couple of days of catching up and a trip to Seaworld before departing for Mexico.. Arriba, Arriba!!

I have a total other post to write on Seaworld as it left me feeling rather strongly about the situation and Mexico?.. Maybe next week? I am just going to soak up the joy of sharing these images with you for now as it is brining memories flooding back..

Have you done that road trip? What was your favourite bit?  

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Oh I too am done..

My husband is one of 5 boys and I can't tell you how amazing it is to be amongst them all an experience the togetherness and warmth that comes from such a huge gathering of people that quite simply love each other a lot..

I mean come on. Will you look at that?..

BUT I come from a small little family with me, my parents and my brother. We are far apart but close of heart and I love that we have such simple dynamics.

The other day Cherie wrote a post over at Mother & Baby about how she knew she was done with having kids and I realised I TOO am done. We have spoken of having 2 more kids and creating a family of 4 but my trip to Mexico changed that.

I watched people struggling on planes solo with 3 kids, I have done solo to the UK with 2 twice and survived but 3?
I watched people flying with mobile 18month olds who want to toddle and don't watch films and turned to look at mine either staring at the video screen or flat out asleep thanks to going square eyed from movie watching.. happy days.
I watched children in our buffet breakfast where the parents couldn't trust the 6 year olds to go to the toilet alone let alone get some fruit.
I watched siblings spend nearly what I assumed was their whole holiday arguing with each other and then lastly I watched a whole heap of parents off load their kids to kids club for the better part of 6-10 hours a day.

Now I would never judge anyone else's behaviour or choices but I do know that I wasn't doing anything of the same and that is because my two are just right for us..

We have enough time to teach them manners, or should I say patience, lol.
They play well enough together for the most part that we don't feel the need to have them go elsewhere so we can relax on holiday.
They show me every day that they totally get how important family is and we are out of the totally dependant days.
We are at that stage where we can have freedom to do crazy late nights or make them walk all day trekking around San Fran and know that despite being tired the next day they will find balance again.

Our little family is just right and it gets more right year by year so I am done.

I look to the future and am excited to shape the two kids we have. I love our little unit and I don't want to be greedy. I have all I need and so I reckon it is my duty to be done. I feel I now owe it to my kids to stop where I am and consider myself lucky that I love where we are.

Are you done? What is your number? I so thought mine would be 4 but it turns out it is 2 :)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Win a Custom Made Sign worth over $140..

I am a huge lover of personalised and an even bigger lover of custom made.. the store that is offering this beautiful custom made sign does a lot of that which makes me a fan of theirs!..

My personal favourite is this.. you can have it saying whatever you want and I want one for my family wall saying #familyiseverything

I so wish stores like this had existed when I got married.. I mean.. ta da!...

Together in a cross promotion with Cherie from Raising Master Max , we have the custom made sign  below up for grabs (includes lettering of 5 words  or less)

All you need to do to enter is tell us in 25 words or less;

What would you have written on your sign? 

Then follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below to be in with a chance to win.

Competition is open now and closes Sunday 1/2/15 at 11.59pm AEST

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Questions with the Kids..

I can't even remember where I saw these now as I copied them ages ago but they made me laugh.. try them with yours :) I might try and remember to ask again next year !

1. What does Dad do at work?

H : He does some writing and gets to do whatever he wants

K : He does computer work, lots of maths and other stuff

2. What does Mum do at work?

H: You do some computers and you do some putting up pictures

K : Down that Little Lane, finding things for people and selling stuff

3. What is your favourite outfit?

H :Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

K : My Mexican Dress

4. If you could be an animal for a day, what would you be and why?

H : A Cheetah because it is the fastest

K : A Flamingo because they are athletic and can balance on one foot

5. What is your favourite song?

H: Hey

K : Roar

6. What is your favourite food?

H: Apples & Grapes

K : Chocolate

7. Do you think kids can drive cars? Why?

H: No, because they don't have a licence and only adults do..

K: No, because they don't have a licence and they haven't learnt how to drive yet

8. What is the best thing you did today?

H : I took good care of you and pushed the trolley at the Chinese (supermarket)

K : I did great Soccer Practice

9. What makes you happy?

H: My Birthday

K: My Family

10. What is Dad’s favourite drink?

H: Wine

K: Wine

11. What is Mum’s favourite drink?

H: Water (he means tonic water)

K: Wine

What do I take from this?

Not much apart from I notice my son thinks about best thing he does in a day as what he does for others not himself (I like that). Kitty really has embodied my view that family is everything (I like that).

Neither really know or probably care what we do for work and both have no idea what our favourite drink is as we hardly drink alcohol much but as mine would be a G&T Harrington was sort of close :)

Have you done these? link below if you have or do later as I would love to see other kids answers!