Thursday, 27 November 2014

Welcoming Pain...


When I spoke about Indian Giving last week I omitted a detail I later realised upon one of my reflective moments..

I asked for the one item back which was possibly childish and got them all.. definitely childish 

The thing is I think I sort of asked for the hurt to see how far that person that I would still have welcomed back in my life would go. Well she answered in no uncertain terms that she truly did not give an iota about me or my feelings. No note, not even one telling me where to go.

I had to hold myself back from being super bitchy and listing the things that had been forgotten, possibly they were in use but whatever the reason I refused to lower myself to such a) nasty and b) pathetic behaviour 

It has been quite cleansing. I can walk away thinking why would I even want to fight for that?

It has hurt and it still hurts but I drive past her house and my kids ask after the family and I say sorry sweethearts she is not my friend anymore. They say ‘why?’ I say ‘she just doesn’t like Mummy, she says I don’t make her feel good’. I could go a different route but why? I am not lying to my kids, I am not shying away.. instead I welcome the pain as it is the only way to heal. 

Her telling me I was not a good enough friend just makes me want to be a better on to all my others. I choose to live my life these days by find the silver linings, and if facing some pain leads to that then it is the way I will go about it.

Life is too short to dwell on what does not make you feel good.. 

Do you face your pain or run a mile? 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Dreaming of Summer


Some things I have , some things I will get and some things I just love to covet (yes, like those hot bronzed bodies).. Click on the images to go to the source :)

Are you immersed into that Summer feeling yet? 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Life Lately


Dexter : I am so in love with watching the bond the kids have with Dexter.. they loved Obi and Tyler but they came into the dogs lives not the dogs into theirs, this is the opposite and Dexter just adores them as a result.
Swimming : The Pool is a regular drop in on Saturdays.. I read, they play.. oh happy days..
The Girls : I managed to find time for lunch with the girls and it was only 90mins but it was sheer bliss
Food : It is like a constant battle. I have a sweet tooth but want to be healthy. This Sixer Juice by Sam is to die for..
Hanging : Hammock is hung, it sits in full sun early morning and shade in the afternoon.. total perfection.

Friday, 21 November 2014

A Little bit o' Leibster..

Oh how divine to have been nominated again.. this time by Something Gorgeous

The rules that come with a nomination are as follows:

1. Link back and recognise the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer ten questions given by the nominator.

3. Nominate ten other bloggers for the award (I am going to do 5 as I only did one recently)

4. Create ten questions for nominees to answer.

5. Notify your nominees.

6. Get an award button and display it proudly.

So my questions are..

What makes you smile?

Oh so many things but if I am counting the things that do it daily it has to be my family. They truly are my everything and my husband is a spunk and total keeper whilst my kids have a bond that I just adore.
Just recently my biggest smile is coming from launching my new brand The Cult List with one of my best friends Kate..

What is you favourite season of the year?

Summer all over, I may moan about the heat at the time but I love the beach, I am revived by sun on my back as I run and easy summer maxi's are just bliss..

If you won a million dollars, what would you do?

I would have my husband stop work immediately and book holidays for every school break for a year. I would pay off the mortgage and then see what was left to invest back into DTLL..

What does your family think about you blogging?

Not much, my kids don't know that I do and my husband knows I have made some amazing friends from it so doesn't question it.. as for my extended family.. they don't read it so rather irrelevant :)

What did you want to be when you were a child?

A Lawyer.. Power Suit, Stilettos and Shoulder pads.. I used to watch LA Law with my Mum, what can I say.

Tell a random fact about you.

I grew up hanging around a race track as my Dad was a Formula 3 Racing Driver

Are you punctual or tardy?

Oh it depends on the day, I am always on time to get out the door but often late due to checking my emails just before I leave and ending up delayed but customer service issues but only when meeting people that know me well

What advice would you give to any new bloggers?

Have fun, be yourself and create your own voice because it is too hard to be someone else

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Wowsers that is a hard one there are so many but I would love to meet Vivienne Westwood. I met her once but would love have a proper sit down chat.

What is your favourite post that you've written?

I have written a couple I am sure but none are a standout above any other so I will link to my favourite recent one which was called Serious Reflection

So now it is my turn to tag and I tag..

Kim, Jess, Sam , Bianca and Chris

My questions are..

Why did you start blogging?
What is your favourite thing to do on a weekend?
What is top of your list for a Christmas gift for yourself?
Do you have a holiday spot you could happily visit forever?
What is your dream job?
Share with us your favourite memory..
What is the best thing that has happened this year for you?
Chocolate or Cocktails and which style?
What is your favourite Social Media and why?
Who is your ultimate dinner date?

Ok who is playing ? Feel free to answer them yourselves or just pick one?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Unisex Kids Decor..

I certainly can't say I have a huge amount of this theme in my life but I am a fan of the versatility that black and white creates. It always looks classic and elegant whilst still somehow being fresh and modern AND when it comes to using it for the kids I love that it never goes off trend so if a decent cost can last the ages.

1. Custom Name Wood Blocks

Personalised and monochrome, these Letter Wood Blocks ($9 each) would happily sit on the bookshelf amongst all the coloured spins of children's books.  

2. A Trio of Batman Prints

Trio of Bat Prints Batman is hot property at the moment and I adore the vintage feel of this Dark Knight Trio ($49) as I think they would be as popular with the dads as much as the kids.  

3. Cotton On Cushions

I know being from Cotton On they are not so unique but they are oh so fun and affordable. The Dream Big Cushion ($19.95) has such a fab message and Moon and Back ($14.95) is such a cute saying and Batting Mad ($19.95) is just plain goofy!  

4. Ikea House Hack

I LOVE this ever so simple DIY from Mommo Design. Black tape PLUS a white set of drawers and ta da you are done. You could use this on any lighter coloured box too.  

5. Santa Monica Cushion

Fresh and with a little touch of the Aztec Trend this Santa Monica Cushion ($83) is 47cm so it's a good size for a kids floor cushion that could then be on a king single bed as they get older.  

6. Stormy Quilt Set

Cloud Doona Cover
I often hear that boys bedding is so hard to find and that is always just car or robot themes. Well this Stormy Quilt cover set ($190) goes against all that and would be just as good for a girls room as a boys.  

7. Hey Mr. Spaceman

My kids are now at an age that I can trust them with crockery and I have been slowly replacing all my plastic pieces. These pieces from H&M ($7.95 each) are a definite on my list.  

8. Knitted Bean Bag

La De Dah have an awesome range but the knitted bean bag ($129) is a stand out for me.

9. Storage Bricks

Stack them up or scatter them around these Stud Storage Bricks ($15) come in an array of colours and sizes. Lego never goes out of fashion huh?!    

10. Monochrome Blankets

Kate & Kate Blanket
Kate & Kate are all about generous sized blankets and they have quiet a few designs in black and white. My favourite is the Jagger ($119) and the Geometric ($119) comes a close second.  

11. Geometric Cross Decor

We can start them early on the monochrome path with this beautiful cross geometric mobile ($135) and the banner ($75) to match.  

12. Batboy Pillowcase

Batman Pillowcase
I couldn't resist rounding off one more Batman piece, after all he is the master of all-in-black superhero. The Batboy Pillowcase ($31) is just the best. I already have it on my sons bed with the girls version on my daughters.