Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Modern Masterpiece

Now I may not want to live in a contemporary home just this minute but I can certainly see it in the future when my kids move away from home.. how about this treasure on Hamilton Island?

Images from Belle Interiors
 The balcony with glass surround, uninterrupted views and drinks for two had me there in a flash...beautiful work guys x


tammy said...

wow. absolutely gorgeous. such open living spaces are drool-worthy.

mes amours et ma vie said...

Love this!! Incredible. Where I wouldn't mind being currently.
Hope you're well.
xx Zoe

Down that Little Lane said...

Yeah not much to moan about for life in that open spaces...just have live elsewhere than Sydney if I want to find them!!.

Down that Little Lane said...

Hi Zoe,(name changed back?) how are you? blogging now? xx