Saturday, 23 July 2011

Small Style...

My little dude's have some serious small style sometimes.. I love how kids can rock any look.... Kitty and Harrington go Uberchic one day, sloaney pony the next, urban hip hop for the weekend and hippy chick by Monday. Maybe we could all do the same if we just didn't get too set in our ways but either way I envy the freedom of no vanity that kids have xx

 Long T by Oilily
Denim Blouse by Cotton On
Skirt by Country Road
Tights from Seed
Boots from eBay

Hoodie by Cotton On
Shorts by Eeni Meeni Mini Moh


loulou said...

Lovely photos

I have the problem of Designer children, kmart mother!

What wrong with my picture :)

have a lovely Saturday


Down that Little Lane said...

Loulou... I can solve that one for you as long as you don't mind second hand.... eBay and the sales.. I have never bought a full price designer items in my life but I did buy a pair of brand new , never worn $120 Ralph Lauren Cargos for my little man the other day on eBay for $30!! xx

Heather from said...

Great pics... Luv your style.:)

Tammi said...

Yes, children can get away with anything :)
I love how you have a name for each of their styles.