Friday, 7 October 2011

Far out Brussel Sprout...

We will launch next week on the website and so far we have nearly 150 sellers signed up and closing in on 1000 products. I of course love them all and am happily (well semi happily) spending my day at the computer helping sellers make their stores look stunning and present their products using all the fandangled wizadry we have built into the back end..

I will be back to chat and no doubt moan about how hard my life is now I have nearly given birth to my third baby but in the mean time I am a little bit like this....


  1. Can't wait! Good luck with the final touches x

  2. All right's looking great!!! And love your Adore ad, thanks for including UR in it :)
    Suzie xx

  3. Counting the days with you lovely...x

  4. LOL - great quote! It's going to be brilliant. Can't wait to spend my money! Sure you have time for brunch?

  5. Coming up roses, Tess. So exciting. Can't wait for the big launch this week. x

  6. phew!, what a relief.... I thought it was just me going mad :)


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