Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Public Service for Mums with 3-6yr olds...


OMG can you please all go and buy Rio.. the Movie.. Animation with Birds and Carnivale in... you guessed it "Rio". I don't mind Cars or Toy Story or the likes but this I LOVE!!.

Voices of from Black Eyed and Jamie Fox by his side and samba and carnivale music is bloody brilliant..played it again and again and when Harrington wakes up and first thing says" Mummy? Bird?" I go A.O.K Honey Bun.... its just a joyful movie what can I say... 

Anyone else in love with Rio?

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  1. Count me in on that. :) My 3 year old daughter goes bananas watching Rio and I can't blame her for that because I myself enjoyed the movie too. I just feel sorry for the poor DVD player that has been playing it for days. :)


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