Sunday, 31 July 2011

And the Winner is....

So here we end another Giveaway.... I am planning a big one when I get to 200 Followers as it will also combine with the website launch I would imagine..oh all the amazing things I will have to choose from to buy or you..

Anyway stop dreaming Tessa and get back to business..The winner of the First Impressions Giveaway is ...

Anna Bartlett who owns Shiny Happy Art

Congratulations Anna, I will e mail you with details xx

Saturday, 30 July 2011

My Little Belle Kitty is also my Boo.....

So last Sunday was my little girls 4th Birthday Party... I had a ball putting it together (nothing cost much apart from my time) and I think it turned out just fine... the teddy racers were the biggest hit but the pink five layer cake was pretty cool too xx

Our theme was Belle & Boo in Grey and Pink hence the Boo Fairy Bread and Belle & Boo Pass the Parcel wrapping. We had my Royal Parade Poster hanging above the table along with my new favourite, one of a kind, commissioned Paper Butterflies by Artist Louise Attrill... Just a little bit in love with it....

 I think I had an Amy Atlas Moment.. and I am so grateful I had my special Aussie Family to share it with xx

Friday, 29 July 2011

A week in an Instagram....

Trying out being Daddy...
Just crusin' with the boys...

as we had to go....

to the laundry as our washing machine broke ;(
I laughed at Louise's husby when I saw it but now want one...
Coffee and a nice surprise to be in an intended sellers newsletter
Finally a visit to Little Paper Lane....oh you must go xx
My Birthday Girl in her Party Dress

Oh and Mon Tresor has featured our Party on her blog today too....feel funny to see it anywhere other than on my computer!!. I will do one soon too xx

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Creative Kitchen Space...

Not much creativity goes on in my kitchen as a whole... I cook well and consistently but I am more a stodge cooker, oh that's mean.. lets go for clean and simple basics?!. Whichever, I take no offence at my name calling but I am not a GOURMET!!....However....

......last week I was creating for my Lil Ladies B Day and she causes me to have outbursts of prolific domestic goddess moments

We started with Mini Bunting

The 4th Bedroom was my designing zone

Practice Desert Table makes for a much easier B Day Morning

1st Pink Layer for the Cake

Baking two at a time for speed

Best part..licking the spoon...

Making Teddy Racers

Ta Da!!

White Choc and Strawberries is such a fab combo

Time to cream the cake...Rosewater Buttercream

5 Layers Done

Not bad....

The final product x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Yell for Cadel..

I am a Brit, Born and Bred and I do love my home land so so much BUT I have been in Australia for 11 years and have two little Vegemite Kids.. I have my Citizenship and I sometimes wonder if I am an Aussie or a Brit these days. 

The Tour De France decided that for me. I sat up many nights, cup of coffee in hand ... Massive cycling fan and truly inspired by what these men can achieve but the clincher was how hysterically excited I got for Cadel and how teary I have been every single time I see him on the podium with the Australian National Anthem being sung.....Sookie La or Proud Aussie?... I am going Proud Aussie...there I said it...

In Celebration I did a Yell for Cadel Etsy Treasury...

I did another treasury a while back which do you prefer? I am going to ask Sarah over at Beach Cottage xx