Thursday, 26 April 2012

Arty Farty....

I came across this on the weekend and am obsessing about doing a mini version for the kids playroom... I am going to be scouring the charity shops for bright coloured cars over the next few months and am thinking Christmas Pressie for me to them.... It is 3 metres wide and took 2500 cars by David T Waller... a Brit

It appeals to my OCD as does this dude that does these artworks on an ever bigger scale for his books.... gotta love an organised looney.... I have a special place in my heart for OCD natures.

What are your looney tendancies? I love the quirky things.. it is what make us individual.. no? xx


  1. There are not enough matchbox cars in the world to buy me the patience required to put that lot together. Plus at about $1.50 a car... expensive! x

  2. My 3yo wants this NOW!!
    Could be a busy weekend

  3. Wow possibly the most awesome art I have ever experienced really...yup if one car cost $1.50 then it is an expensive hobby but I like the way you use them....Simply Awesome !!

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