Monday, 9 April 2012

Time to ink up....

None of my tattoos as terribly obvious and every single one has a connection to some one I love dearly so I never have regrets about getting them.

I really want one last one to remind me of two of my very special people that currently have not marked my skin. I want my kids names and dates of birth along side my husbands (who I already have in another form) and our wedding date. I have wanted it for years and just not got to it but I am trying to decide on a spot.. I like the foot in a dark grey ink or possibly my other inner wrist in white ink..

Inside? Outside? Top? White or Dark? What do you think?

We had a wonderful Saturday Brunch at ours this weekend and I can't remember how we got there but we ended up on the ink chat.. Oh yeah I remember now..

Kitty decided to texta herself like a Maori Mask, yes she is her mothers daughter, lol. From there, her buddy Josh of course did the same... His looked a little more like a spider web and his Mum said " as long as it is not permanent" (they were washable markers...must go find pics to post before I publish this). You see she doesn't like tattoos, her husband wants one and... well we won't go there will we Mel... I have a few as does my boy so of course the discussion started again of what will we do when we are wrinkly etc. My answer is always the same "laser", who knows if it will stand up when I am wrinkly and old but 'll juts live in denial until then because a girl just can... can't she?!.

What do you think? do you have lots? do you hate them? my girlfriend does and that is cool by me because she still loves me and really that is all that counts..

Before I go here is the pic of what got it all started (oh and it went A LOT further) the chat has firmly reminded me how much I want my new one.... Mothers Day pressie for me?.. I think it might just have to be..


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

I too have a few subtle tattoos of the special people in my life. I want my tattoos to be meaningful. Ryder is now 5 months old, so I will be getting his name on me somewhere :) I have a symbol for my husband on my foot & Ella's name on my wrist. I think I'll get Ryder's name on my rib cage in black. I also want 'live laugh live' somewhere on me :) I love the idea of your tattoos & I really like the positioning of the 3rd tattoo picture :)

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

I'm not a fan of tats in general however when I see one tastefully applied I often wonder.....I have never seen a white ink tatoo before and thought that image was so beautiful; reflecting the innocence and purity of children. If my daughter reads this though I will deny everything!!!! LOL!
x KL

quint design said...

lol, had fun reading this one.. and no i don't love them BUT i also haven't seen the white ones, they are cool and think a great tasteful idea. i still wouldn't get for me though lol... i think white is the way tess, they reflect the purity of kids.. nice one. x happy inking ;) x

Down that Little Lane said...

I love the idea of ribcage too but sorta think I would need to go big or not bother and I am far too tempted to go large ;)
I like that third pic too.... pretty sure I will go foot.. I get excited just thinking about it x

Down that Little Lane said...

You do that... I have already told Kitty that tattoos are never until after 21 and when you have your own money to pay for it.. lets hope they go up in price , lol. I love the white too.. need to research it more ;)

Down that Little Lane said...

Yeah I am 100% thinking white or even pale grey..bored of black and makes it different and more subtle.. win , win x

a. said...

I think they're all gorgeous. The feather is unlike any tatt I've seen though!